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Spotify Preferred Partner

Record Union is a Spotify Preferred Partner

Record Union was the first independent music distributor to partner with Spotify back in 2009. Nowadays we’re a Spotify Preferred Partner which means that Spotify recommends music makers to use our service for distribution.
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Claim your Spotify for Artists profile via Record Union

Get daily stats, promote your music, and fine tune your Spotify artist page. Artists who use Record Union for distribution get instant access to their Spotify for Artist profile.
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About Spotify

Spotify is the biggest music streaming service in the world. Spotify has over 180 million paying subscribers who can choose from more than 82 million tracks. Including their ad-supported free tier, the platform has 406 million users in 184 markets.

With Record Union, it’s included

electronic press kitElectronic Press Kit

Publish a custom EPK to promote your story and career to agents, labels, journalists and managers.

Release datePick your release date

Select the date your release launches and it will appear on music services simultaneously all over the world.

100% human support

Our backstage crew is staffed with real music lovers who are 100% human and always happy to help.

Spotify for Artists

Get instant access to edit your Spotify artist profile, images and bio, plus daily stats to track your performance.

Custom label name

Choose what it says in the copyright and label info under your release, even if you don’t own a record label.

keep your ownershipKeep your ownership

Copyright ownership and control of your distribution and publishing will always remain 100% yours.

linkfire smart linksLinkfire Smart links

Just share one link and your fans can listen to your tracks on whichever music service they prefer.

Level up with professional upgrades

Rapid Delivery

Put your tracks in the fast lane to release them worldwide as soon as 5 days from today.

Pitch Priority

Boost your chances of getting pitched to the major music services’ official playlists.

Spotify Pre-Save

Get your release’s Spotify link before it’s live so you can schedule promos in advance.

YouTube Content ID

Get paid when your music is played in other users’ videos and your own.

Royalty Upgrade

Increase your take-home streaming and download royalties to 92.5%.