The Electronic Press Kit is your perfect pitch

  • The EPK is a powerful promotional tool and it’s the industry-standard way for artists to showcase their careers
  • Your EPK gives journalists, booking agents, bloggers, managers, and promoters all the essentials about your music and your story
  • Your Record Union account includes global music distribution and a free EPK for each artist you distribute

Jasmine Kara uses Record Union for her professional EPK.
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What is a musician’s EPK and why do I need one?

An Electronic Press Kit is like an artist’s resumé or CV. Industry professionals often look for an artist’s EPK to get a quick overview of the artist’s career.

An EPK is the go-to resource for music industry professionals who work with artists, or who want to find out about new artists.

Having a complete and up-to-date EPK helps an artist ensure they are presented in their best light and don’t miss out when professional opportunities arise.

Jasmine Kara uses Record Union for her professional EPK.
Check it out here!

EPK the easy way… free

You can build your own EPK using our step-by-step tool. It’s super easy, even if you’ve never done it before. We help you customize it so you can highlight what’s relevant for your career.

Record Union’s plans include global distribution of your music and free EPKs for the artists you distribute.

Common Questions

Elements of a great EPK

An Electronic Press Kit contains a short biography about the artist, as well as high quality photos, featured tracks, and contact information.

When a journalist reviews your music or a blogger writes a post about you, they’ll visit your EPK to get high quality images and information about your career.

A booking agent, promoter or venue might use your EPK to get an idea of which other artists to pair you with on a show. To promote your gigs, they might also need images of you for their social media feeds and posters.

  • Biography
  • Press-quality photos
  • Featured tracks
  • Contact info
  • Reviews
  • Social media links
  • Videos

Same, same but different than a website

Generally, an artist will have a website geared toward their fans and an EPK geared toward professional contacts. But you don’t necessarily need both.

Because an EPK and a website share some common characteristics – like images, social links and a contact form, to name a few – some artists use their EPK as their website.

You can choose which way is best for you. When you distribute your music with Record Union, you can build free EPKs for all the artists you distribute.