Smart links from Linkfire: the free and easy way to share your music

  • Share one short link and your fans can listen wherever they want
  • Fans see a custom page with your cover art and they can go directly to your release on their favorite music service
  • No need to copy and paste long links from every platform
  • When you distribute your music through Record Union, you get free smart links for each release you distribute!

See smart links in action.
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Designed for music makers

Linkfire is one of the biggest providers of smart links in the music industry. Unlike other link shorteners, Linkfire’s smart links are designed just for music.

More than 50,000 labels and independent artists trust Linkfire for every phase of their release campaigns.

Through Record Union’s partnership with Linkfire, you get free smart links automatically generated with every new release!

Just copy the smart links from your music dashboard and share them on your socials, in direct messages, newsletters or anywhere you want to promote your songs.

See smart links in action.
Check it out here!