A&R terms and conditions

By applying for the role of a record union A&R, you agree to and accept these terms and conditions. Record Union general terms and conditions and privacy policy still apply.


“Agreement” shall mean this agreement and its terms and conditions.

“A&R” shall mean Artist and Repertoire, a talent scout also overseeing the artistic development of Artists.

“Email invite Tool” shall mean an invitation service provided by Record Union on the Website, where you may send invites to recipients.

“Gross Receipts” shall mean the total sum, excluding VAT, received by Record Union per Recording sold. We are entitled to benefit from any deductions which have been made toward Record Union by the Retail Services. The percentage co-relates to the percentage of Record Union, whether that is expressed or calculated in its sublicensing agreements with the Record Union Retail Partners.

“Record Union Trademarks” shall mean any trademarks used by Record union or registered by Record Union.

”Royalty Share” shall mean your royalty share from the Gross Receipts.


You will need to fill out an application to be able to become a Record Union A&R. The application should include information about you and why you want to become an A&R. The application may only be sent through our Website, after you have created a user account. Record Union will review the application and reserves the right to approve or deny the application in our sole discretion. Record Union may also revoke a previously approved application.

Grant of rights

The rights granted in this Agreement are limited to the time for which you are a Record Union A&R.

  • The possibility to be a Record Union A&R, were you are expected to act as an ambassador for Record Union. You are not an employee of Record Union.
  • The non-exclusive right to market and/or otherwise promote our services to artists, including being able to offer special distribution deals and discounts as specified from time to time.
  • Access to the Email invite Tool.
  • Access to the A&R Roster and account, where you can, but are not limited to, overview all the artists you have recruited, if an artist you have recruited has released music and the amount of royalty this has generated to you.
  • A Royalty Share from royalties generated by the artists you have recruited.

Legal relationship

You may not in any way enter into agreements on behalf of Record Union and you may not in any way or at any time present yourself as a representative or employee of Record Union. Each of the Parties will remain independent of each other. Nothing in this Agreement constitutes an agency, employment, company or joint venture relationship of any kind between the Parties.

You enter into agreements with artists on your own behalf. For this purpose, you may use Record Union’s trademarks provided by Record Union to promote your services. You may only use this for purposes under this Agreement.

The rights granted to you under this Agreement are personal. You may not appoint sub-agents or other representatives without Record Union’s prior written consent. If Record Union grants permission to use sub-agents and representatives, you are solely responsible for them and all their payments and actions.


You may only use Record Union Trademarks when fulfilling your rights granted in this Agreement. This is limited to the term of this Agreement. You shall not use any other trademark or product name together with the Record Union trademarks nor shall you register any trademark that may resemble the Record Union trademarks or names.

You do not have the right whatsoever to acquire any property rights in the Record Union trademarks. All such rights shall remain with Record Union.

In cases of any type of infringement, you shall immediately discontinue any and all use of Record Union trademarks. Record Union may at any time terminate, remove or disable access to your account in cases of infringement.

Royalty share

Record Union offers you a Royalty share of the Record Union Gross Receipts for every artist you recruit. The percentage of Royalties you can earn depends on your total number of recruited artists. Only artists who have distributed music through Record Union counts for the level of Royalty Shares. For any and all services under this Agreement the following applies:

  • Record Union shall pay you a Royalty Share of 2,5% of the Gross Receipts if you have recruited up to 10 (1-9) artists who have distributed music through our website.
  • Record Union shall pay you a Royalty Share of 5% of the Gross Receipts if you have recruited between 10-25 Artists who have distributed music through our website.
  • Record Union shall pay you a Royalty Share of 7,5% of the Gross Receipts if you have recruited over +25 Artists who have distributed music through our website.

You agree that our Royalty payments will be subject to the conditions, reductions and pro rating provisions as agreed in each sublicense agreement with the Record Union Retail Partners.

Your right to Gross Receipts follows on the date when Record Union receives payment for your recruited artist’s sold recording, and is calculated out of the amount we actually receive. You hereby agree that, in some cases and according to each sub-licensing agreement, the Record Union Retail Partners will only pay royalties to Record Union in the case the total amount exceeds a certain amount and that your payment might be subject to these limitations.

If an artist does not use the unique code submitted by Record Union to you when registering at the Record Union website, you will not be entitled to any Gross Receipts from the artist


The Terms and Conditions shall be in accordance with the laws and jurisdiction of Sweden. Disputes arising out of, or in connection with this Agreement, shall be settled by the court of Stockholm as first instance.

You agree to indemnify us against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses that may have occurred as a result of you breaching anything under this Agreement or against any third party.

If any part of this Agreement or application of it shall be declared or deemed void, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part for any reason, it shall be deleted and the remaining provisions, if any, shall continue in full force and effect.

The Terms and Conditions are effective from the time you apply as an A&R. Record Union general Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy apply.