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The creative process is like an emotional rollercoaster that differs from artist to artist. So, when everyone's process is as unique as a snowflake, a service like ours must be flexible. That's why we are launching Unlimited, a pricing plan to release as many tracks as you want for a fixed price. Giving you the freedom to be the sometimes impulsive, occasionally indecisive and always amazing creative person that you are.

In a limiting industry, we believe in setting creativity free.

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“I wanna hide under a rock at least a week after my release.”

Unlimited plans

Release an Unlimited amount of tracks, starting from $4.99 /month. Both plans include best-in-class customer service and 2 week delivery to our most popular music services.

Artist Unlimited

The mind-blowing freedom to release whenever.
Unlimited releases for
3 main artists
$4.99/month Add Social Media Bundle +$1.99/month Upgrade your royalty share (from 85% to 92.5%) +$4.99/month

Label Unlimited

For indie labels with up to 10 artists in the roster.
Unlimited releases for
10 main artists
$9.99/month Add Social Media Bundle +$3.99/month Upgrade your royalty share (from 85% to 92.5%) +$9.99/month

More plans

Pay-Per-Release No free trial
Label Unlimited Plus For more than 10 artists

How to get your music online

Why distribute with Record Union?

Temporary delays
2 week delivery Currently, we’re handling an increased number of releases, resulting in occasional delays. The expected time to get your music live is 2 weeks. We’re working hard on getting back to our regular 1-week delivery time.
Spotify for Artists Get instant access via Record Union.
100% ownership Keep the full rights to your music, always.
Performance data Get monthly sales reports and daily streaming data.

Our story, vision, and mission

We started out back in 2008 with a vision. The power of the music industry should be transferred from the major record labels to independent music makers. ”Liberating music” became our guiding banner.

With no content on our platform we managed to sign distribution deals with leading digital music services of the time like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon MP3. Since then Record Union has been helping independent music makers to get their music to fans all over the world.

We are here to make the independent community stronger and the music industry more democratic, accessible, and transparent.

We want to break down technical barriers and give independent music makers new opportunities for recognition and acknowledgment.

By combining a strong passion for music with data driven tech solutions we will continue to liberate music again and again.