Liberating music for over 12 years

Our story, vision, and mission

We started out back in 2008 with a vision. The power of the music industry should be transferred from the major record labels to independent music makers. ”Liberating music” became our guiding banner.

With no content on our platform we managed to sign distribution deals with leading digital music services of the time like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon MP3. Since then Record Union has been helping independent music makers to get their music to fans all over the world.

We are here to make the independent community stronger and the music industry more democratic, accessible, and transparent.

We want to break down technical barriers and give independent music makers new opportunities for recognition and acknowledgment.

By combining a strong passion for music with data driven tech solutions we will continue to liberate music again and again.


A health check on the independent music maker community

In a 2019 study we asked our users about their mental health in relation to their music creation. 73 percent of the respondents said that they had suffered from symptoms of mental illness. Out of these, 33 percent even said that they had experienced panic attacks. With these and other worrying insights we approached entrepreneurs with a simple but challenging request: Submit your best ideas on how to create a healthier music climate.

More than 200 ideas were submitted and three of them were selected to share a $30,000 donation from Record Union. To follow up on the large and humbling response the campaign we wanted to contribute with an idea of our own. Together with mental and physical health experts we explored the impact that sleep, positivity, mindfulness, exercise, and nutrition have on our mental health, in a starter pack for wellness. The experts also provided a few tips and tricks to get you started.